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Unzipping Files on IOS Devices

This guide will show you how to unzip .zip files on your iPhone or iPad. The Preset links provided in your download email will download zip files as to contain all the files in a single download. The fastest method would be to download the Zip files on your computer, and then copy the Mobile Presets (DNG Files) to your mobile device. If you prefer doing the whole process on your handset, you can follow the instructions below to unzip the files directly onto your mobile device.


Click on the download links within the order email you will receive after placing your order. This will download all the Preset versions in a .zip file.


After the file has been downloaded in Safari, your device will offer you to open the zip file in the Files App. You will need to select “Open in Files App” in order to do so. You will have the option to select a location where you want to save the files to, such as your iCloud Drive, Google Drive or a folder on your phone. Select your desired location and select “Add”.


Select the Zip folder in your Files App to open the file and select Preview Content to view the files within the Zip folder.


You will need to open the Mobile Folder in order to access the DNG files compatible with Lightroom Mobile. 


Within the Mobile Folder, you will see the individual DNG Images. Do not worry if they appear blank, black or show images with stripes. This is completely normal. To extract the files from the Zip archive, open the file and select the share button. Select “Save to Gallery”. Do this with all the DNG files.


Once all your DNG Files have been saved to your Phones Gallery, you can proceed with Installation instructions for Lightroom Mobile here.

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